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DAJTUMIR was established in early 2008 by a young male from New England. This person strives to be unequaled to his peers by perfecting everything he does. Soon after the establishment he partnered up with WILLIAM W. De JESUS. William also resides in New England and also believes that perfection is the separation between long term and short term success. DAJTUMIR?S goal is to never be forgotten, to stay relevant by maintaining a conglomerate that will constantly be a very important ingredient to the positive development of society. DAJTUMIR is a name that has no restrictions, no boundaries, and no margins DAJTUMIR represents superiority, honorable achievements and great devotion. If Martin Luther king was still alive and he had to explain the reason for his speeches, marches, and values with one word, it will be DAJTUMIR. DREAMS ARE JUST THOUGHTS UNTIL MADE INTO REALITY In this case the name DAJTUMIR is representing a record label, DAJTUMIR RECORDS. This record label's main focus is to develop and market outstanding music. Music that all ages, cultures, races, and sex can enjoy while experiencing the adventure we all call life. The record label is designed to bring exceptional music to the ears of today's and tomorrow?s society. To do so, DAJTUMIR RECORDS starts with the artist. An artist that?s chosen to represent the DAJTUMIR brand is competitive, brilliant, and well grounded. These artists are filled with so much respect, pride, and a great deal of emotions that it would take them a decade to explain the series of events that took place in there lives. Each individual artist is a reflection of DAJTUMIR standards. One of our goals is to paint a lucid and sympathetic portrait of the artist?s life by means of sound and video. An artist is not just contracted to the label, he/she also plays an investor role. As the corporation grows the artist/investors grow also. DAJTUMIR RECORDS doesn?t believe in promises, but opportunities that have no limitations.

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